Laser Cutting Technology by Experts in Melbourne, Australia

Laser cutting is the technique of employing a stream of high power beam to cut through an array of materials. It has a lot of uses in the industrial and domestic sectors. Initially, the beam pierces through the material by creating a hole at the edge, and then the beam is continued along from there. The laser beam melts the material away gradually, changing it into the desired shape. A laser cutting service can be employed to cut light materials such as a cloth to even tough metals and gemstones such as diamonds. One can either use a pulsed beam or a continuous wave beam to complete a laser cutting process. The beam intensity, length and heat output can be controlled depending on the material you are working with, and a mirror or special lens can be further added to focus the laser beam. Some of the benefits of employing laser cutting are as below.

  • Zero contact – A laser beam does not essentially touch the material but only melts it away. This means that there is minimal damage to the material.
  • Low power use – A laser cutting machine consumes only very less power which is about 10kW, when compared to other cutting mechanisms.
  • Variety – An array of materials ranging from metals, diamonds, plastics, wood, glass etc can be put through a laser cutting system.
  • Precision – One of the key highlights of advanced cutting technology in a laser is the precision it offers. The cuts are accurate and neat which is almost unachievable in many other forms of cuttings.
  • Unique designs – Laser cutting is one of the preferred methods for designs and patterns that are unique and intricate. The laser beam makes it easier to cut through fine designs.

Exceptional Laser Cutting Service in Melbourne

Cobra Metal Fabrication is a leading metal fabrication service provider in Melbourne, Australia. With over two decades of offering 360-degree solutions in fabrication, we have redefined the fabrication industry standards in the country. Laser cutting is one of our specializations and we undertake metal laser cutting works from individual customers, businesses and industries.

Bringing together the best of equipment and advanced cutting technology with a skilled workforce, Cobra Metal Fabrication is deemed to be the best laser cutting service in Melbourne.

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