Roof Racks Accessories & Jerry Can Holder Australia

A roof rack is a metal rack that is fixed on the top of a car or any vehicle, which aids in the storage and transportation of luggage and goods. In most cases, a roof rack is not a standard accessory that comes along with the vehicle but is an add-on, fixed by the owner. They offer a lot of benefits to the passengers such as the following.

  • Storage space – The main intention of a roof rack is to offer storage space. This becomes very useful when you are travelling long distance or with several passengers and hence one can fasten the bags and suitcases onto the roof rack.
  • Comfort – Especially in the scenario of several travelers in the vehicle, it can become very crammed if one has to fit in the bags as well. This calls for an uncomfortable ride. But with the help of a roof rack, the luggage can be moved to the roof of the car, thereby giving better space and comfort to the travelers.
  • Versatility – A roof rack is a versatile addition as it can accommodate any kind of load, ranging from trolleys, cardboard boxes, equipment, tools and so on. For people who indulge in a lot of outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, photography etc, this luggage box is a must have.

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Securing Jerry Cans on a Roof Rack

A jerry can is a metal container that is used to store and transport fuel such as petrol, diesel or gasoline. They come into use while travelling across large distances or when halting during travels such as camping or trekking activities. As it is used for containing fuel, metal jerry cans are the most common variety. There are also steel jerry cans for those who prefer that variant.

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