Industrial Guillotine Cutting Services in Melbourne

A guillotine cutter is a manual device used to cut paper and other similar substrates. Large amounts of paper can be cut through easily by using a guillotine cutting service. There are a variety of guillotine cutters available, ranging from small, inexpensive, manual devices for personal or classroom use to large, electronic, commercial-grade machines for print finishing and production environments. Some of the common varieties include Arm Cutters, Rotary Paper Cutters, Manual Guillotines, Electronic Semi-Automatic Guillotines, Electric Fully-Automatic Guillotines, Electric Fully-Automatic Guillotines etc. Some of the benefits of using a paper guillotine blade are as follows.

  • Accuracy – A guillotine lets you cut a large number of documents in the same manner, which is widely useful when it comes to bulk quantities of colour prints. Using a guillotine cutter, the cuts are precise and neat, rendering a professional look.

  • Precision – One could use a scissors or a blade to cut paper but a paper guillotine blade cuts evenly, leaving a sharp and crisp edge, which might not be possible in a manual cutting process.
  • Time saving – A professional guillotine cutting service is capable of cutting through thousands of sheets of paper in a very little time, thus increasing productivity.
  • Cost – Now that the efficiency and precision of a guillotine cutter is evident, it is obvious that only less workforce is required to finish the task. Hence, the business owner can save up on labour costs.

Guillotine Cutting Services at Cobra Metal Fabrication

Cobra Metal Fabrication is a Melbourne, Australia based metal fabrication service provider. We have been in existence for the past 20 years and is noted to be the best metal fabricator in the country. We offer a plethora of services such as custom UTE trays, jerry cans, roof racks, steel cutting & fabrication, powder coating, welding service, custom sheet fabrication, aluminium fabrication, structural steel fabrication. We specialise in guillotine cutting services and take up bulk orders from small, medium and large-scale businesses, corporates and industries. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and import quality guillotine cutting sticks that render precise and neat cuts throughout. Besides our standard services, we also offer Pressing and stamping, Break press folding, Rolling and MIG or TIG welding. Our guillotine cutting services are at par excellence but we charge modestly to accommodate the needs of all our customers.

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