Custom Ute Trays and Steel Fabrication Service in Epping

Ute trays are additional trays fitted onto trucks to provide more storage space. They come with detachable sides that can be used to fit ladders, tool boxes, draws etc. Aluminium Ute trays are one of the most popular options amongst truck owners and depending on one’s preference, they can go for custom Ute trays. Versatile and sturdy, Ute tray designs come with a lot of advantages.

  • Space – Fitting a Ute tray brings in more space on the back of the truck. This can be used to store or transport more items.

  • Choice – Some truck owners are hesitant about Ute trays as they feel it might compromise the comfort of the interiors of the vehicle. However, custom Ute trays are available in different sizes and models that can offer functionality without hampering comfort.ort more items.

  • Versatile – Be it for your personal needs or commercial needs, one can employ a Ute tray to aid in the transportation of items. It is an ideal pick for campers and travelers who travel around with several large camping tools and equipment. It is also ideal for businesses that involve the moving of raw materials or finished goods in large quantities.

  • Safety – With a Ute tray, one can be assured of the safety of their belongings. Nothing is going to skid or slip off the tray while in movement.

Cobra Metal Fabrication is a renowned metal fabrication service in Epping. Experts in the trade of fabrication, we have on boarded some of the best fabricators from across the country who are adept in attending to all your fabrication needs. Steel fabrication is one of our specialities and the demand for it is fairly large. We offer services in custom UTE trays, steel cutting & fabrication, powder coating, welding service etc. With over 20 years of existence, we are known to offer customised and affordable solutions to all our clients.

Powder Coated Steel Services in Epping

Powder coated steel is steel that is coated with a layer of powdered pigment particles and resins, that adds a protective layer to the metal. To create magnetic attraction, the particles are initially charged with static electricity and then sprayed onto the metal that is electrically grounded. The coating is then evenly melted and cooled, which forms a thin, durable film. This coating adds to the durability and corrosion resistance of the steel underneath it. They are resistant to easy breakage and chipping as well. Professional powder coated steel services employ only environment friendly materials to do the process, which makes them more sustainable.

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