Custom UTE Trays & UTE Canopy in Melbourne, Australia

Ute trays and ute canopies are incredibly useful for van and truck owners who engage in the transportation of goods. They can be customised as per requirement to suit the varying needs. Some of the benefits of a custom ute canopy are as follows.

  • Better workflow – With a custom ute canopy, you can decide how you want to segregate your space. Depending on your trade, there will be an array of tools and equipment that you would require and this can be organised better with a ute canopy.

  • Security – Though ute canopies offer protection to your possessions, you can amp up your security levels based on your preference with a custom ute canopy.
  • Looks – Adding a ute canopy finishes the look of your truck or vehicle. Depending on your ute tray, once can customise the ute canopy too so that they do not look like they are two different conjoined parts.

Aluminium UTE Trays & Its Benefits

Aluminium ute trays are made on the same concept as their welded steel ute tray from the headboard right down to the chassis mounts. One of the striking differences is that the material used for the welded alloy ute tray is thicker. Ute trays increase the amount of load area you have to store stuff and offer removable sides that make loading and unloading an easier task.

  • Aluminium ute trays bear more weight and are sturdy. So it means you can load more items onto your ute without the fear of breakage.
  • Though sturdy, aluminum ute trays are light and hence it does not weigh down the vehicle and increase the fuel consumption.
  • They are rustproof and hence one does not have to worry about corrosion damage. It is specifically ideal for coastal environments where the air is humid. Aluminium does not react or corrode under such conditions.
  • Depending on one’s preference and needs, one can custom ute trays that will take care of all the additional needs.
  • Aluminium ute trays make good use of space with their flexible design. Toolboxes, spare tyres and water can be tored under the tray. The means you have the whole deck space to load things or use as required.

Cobra Metal Fabrication is a Melbourne based metal fabrication service known for offering professional steel fabrication services in Australia. We have clients from small, medium and large-scale industries and we can give customised solutions to all your fabrication needs. Ute trays are one of our most popular products and we manufacture custom ute trays, aluminum ute trays, alloy ute trays, ute canopy tray and so on. Employing the most modern technology and equipment, we manufacture our products in only premium quality materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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