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Fabrication is the process of cutting, bending and joining several pieces of metal to form larger structures. Industries and businesses call for a huge demand of steel fabrication works as they are used in the building of ladders, storage structures, equipment and more. Ute trays is one of the most demanded item created by steel fabricators. They are used by truck owners as an addition to add more space and convenience. Some of the general benefits of structural steel fabrications are as below.

  • Durable – Steel is a very durable metal and hence it is employed in the fabrication works of structures and heavy machinery. They are capable of taking load and withstanding extreme conditions.

  • Customisable – Despite being durable, steel is also a malleable metal, which means that it can be bent, broken and reshaped in desired sizes and shapes.
  • Eco friendly – Steel has comparatively a lower carbon effect and can be recycles. This makes it a popular choice amongst industries that are keen on environment friendly practices.

Custom alloy ute trays, aluminiumute trays, unique ute tray designs and powder coated steel structures are other options that are in high demand. Professional fabricators are able to render affordable options in both.

Cobra Metal Fabricators, based in Campbellfield is a well-known metal fabrication service provider. We have been rendering impeccable metal fabrication and steel fabrication outputs to our customers for over 20 years. We source our raw materials from reliable sources that guarantee premium quality and our skilled metal fabricators produce all kinds of metals works such as custom ute trays, powder coating steel structures, aluminiumute trays and more. We at Cobra Metal Fabricators specialise in allied services such as steel cutting, welding service, custom sheet fabricationetc too. We are known to offer customised solutions at affordable rates to our customers that includes both individuals, businesses and industries.

How to pick the right ute tray for you

A ute tray is an additional item fitted on trucks to carry luggage, equipment and other goods. Several kinds of metal ute tray designs are available but the most popular one is the aluminiumute trays. One can get them made according to preference as a custom ute tray will fulfill all the needs of the customer.

  • Size – Pick a ute tray that fits your truck or vehicle. Ute trays are available in varying sizes but the challenge is to pick the size that is convenient for you. Some customute trays come with an adjustable size that can be fitted as per requirement while some are not adjustable. Keep this is mind while buying one.
  • Weight – Ute trays come in different weight scales. Choose one that does not burden your vehicle because a heavier ute tray means that your vehicle will use up more fuel.
  • Materials – Though ute trays are available in a variety of materials, aluminiumute trays are the most long-lasting and durable. One could pick the material based on their preference.
  • Space – Depending on the nature and size of your commodities that you will be transporting, gauge the space availability in the ute tray.

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